Gascoyne Park

Gascoyne Park is a joint project between The Palm and Cycad Society of WA and the city of Joondalup. It was established in 1989 and officially opened in March 1996. The park is situated in the northern Perth suburb of Woodvale at the corner of Gascoyne Avenue and Timberlane Drive. It is 25km from the Perth GPO.

The Park covers approximately 5.2 ha (12.9 acres) and consists of dense plantings of palms and cycads, open grassed parkland and remnants of the original native vegetation of eucalypts, jarrah trees and grassland.

Many of these are advanced, mature specimens. The palms and cycads in the Park come predominantly from warm-temperate and sub-tropical climates and to a lesser degree, from equatorial tropical areas.

The society has planted over 2000 palms and cycads of 130 different species and hundreds more are added ever year.

The plants most suited to the Park come from Western Africa, Madagascar, Northern Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands. Some are from the Americas. Perth's climate is ideal for growing many species of palms and cycads and the rich diversity of Gascoyne Park is testimony to this. Anyone interested in palms and cycads should visit the Park to see the magnificent range of specimens on display.

The Society is responsible for the upkeep of the garden areas and conducts regular working bees, usually on the fourth Sunday of every month.

For more information about the Park, contact the coordinator, Mr George Sevastos.

  • Syagrus Romanzoffiana AvenueSyagrus Romanzoffiana Avenue
  • Tim Erceg's GazeboTim Erceg's Gazebo
  • Roystonea RegiaRoystonea Regia (Royle Palms)
  • Phoenix Canariensis AvenuePhoenix Canariensis Avenue
  • Alan's Lanes Cycad EnclosureAlan's Lanes Cycad Enclosure
  • Trachycarpus FortuneiTrachycarpus Fortunei
  • Livistona Decipiens AvenueLivistona Decipiens Avenue
  • Bismarckia Nobilis AvenueBismarckia Nobilis Avenue